Transformative, multi-valent, multi-specific antibody platform: Multabody

Radiant is advancing a modular multi-valent and multi-specific platform built on breakthrough antibody engineering.

Multabodies have demonstrated the potential to deliver potent multi-functional biologics to tackle difficult-to-treat diseases such as cancer, auto-immune and infectious diseases.


Our MULTi-specific, multi-Affinity antiBODY (Multabody) platform utilizes a human self-multimerizing scaffold, apoferritin, to multimerize antibody fragments. 

The Multabody platform exploits avidity – stronger binding power – coupled with multi-specificity to deliver potent multi-functional biologics with exciting potential to unlock cures for patients.

Built on an antibody framework, Multabodies are modular, retain antibody-like developability and pharmacokinetics, creating a truly superior next-generation therapeutic.